Versatile Decoding Capability

Whether simple or intricate, Terrasketcher is adept at handling any infrastructure sketch requirement. For optimal results, we recommend submitting sketches with clear text and well-defined arrows to ensure precision in the transformation process.


Out of the box cloud diagrams

Terrasketcher supports a wide range of diagrams, from cloud-based to on-premises. These diagrams are not only polished but also formatted for immediate use in your technical documentation. Experience this seamless transition by starting your free trial today.


Infra Sketch to Terraform code

In addition to the professional cloud diagram, you get Terraform code that helps you go faster in your deployment. This is ideal for demos and PoCs.


Draw.io File for Further Editing

Terrasketcher doesn't just transform your sketches into diagrams; it also provides a Draw.io compatible file for each conversion. This means you can easily download your diagrams and continue to refine them using Draw.io's comprehensive editing tools. Start for free now.


Start your free trial

Messy sketches in, professional diagrams and terraform code out

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